• The Nominating Committee composition consists of nine (9) voting members and one non-voting member. Each voting member has a three (3) year staggered term, with exception of the immediate past president, who will serve a one year term
  • Members of the Nominating Committee serve a three (3) year term. The Committee selects the vice-chair who becomes chair the following program year
  • Nominating Committee members cannot be elected to serve for more than one three-year term on the Nominating Committee.
  • The immediate past president will have voting rights and the Academy CEO will serve in an ex/officio capacity


Part I: Composition/Qualifications



  • Three (3) members with Academy BOD experience within the last ten (10) years
  • Four (4) members with experience on an Academy national level committee or task force, or as a Board member of an affiliate or DPG/MIG within the past eight (8) years
  • One (1) member in practice for 15 years or less with experience on an Academy national level committee or task force, or as a Board member of an affiliate or DPG/MIG within the past eight (8) years
  • The immediate past president
  • Academy CEO



  • Member of the Academy in the Active or Retired classification
  • Possesses a strong understanding of the Academy, its strategic direction, areas of nutrition and dietetics practice, and the requirements for effective functioning in leadership positions included on the ballot
  • Registration with the Commission on Dietetic Registration preferred


Part II: Requirements


  • Time.  The time commitment required for members of the Nominating Committee is approximately fifteen (15) days each year for virtual meetings and optional attendance at the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo™, in addition to time required for committee work.  The position of chair also requires time for correspondence, and planning meetings.  Employer support in advance is encouraged.



Virtual Meetings/Conference Calls/Webinars

  • Planning Meeting
  • Interview Selection Meeting
  • Slate Selection Meeting
  • Election Debriefing Meeting
  • Additional conference calls/webinars as needed


Part III: Recommended Skill Sets and Attributes


The universal skill set applies to all positions on the national ballot.


Specific to Nominating Committee

  • Has national networks with Academy members and organization units and Affiliates
  • Understands strategic direction and associated leadership requirements of a diverse, large organization
  • Communicates effectively and with self-confidence, has critical thinking and evaluation skills, ability to work with a team and to put the needs of the organization first in order to reach consensus
  • Evaluates information analytically
  • Is proactive
  • Is visionary
  • Demonstrates broad knowledge of the nutrition and dietetics profession
  • Exhibits self-confidence with internal and external audiences


Part IV: Functions



  • Identifies potential candidates who possess the characteristics and skill sets needed to help advance the strategic plan
  • Collaborates on a regular basis with CDR, ACEND, HOD, and BOD in reviewing and refining position skill sets and qualifications and consider refinements
  • Interacts with membership groups to identify candidates
  • Performs gap analysis of Board of Directors needs (current vs. future)


  • Maintains active, ongoing relationships with Academy organization units (DPGs/MIGs, ACEND, CDR, HOD, BOD) and affiliates encouraging nominations and voting


  • Communicates with all stakeholders within the Academy to identify a qualified, diverse and representative group of nominees


  • Evaluates, screens, and selects candidates for the ballot
  • Interviews candidates for President-elect, Treasurer-elect, and Speaker-elect
  • Encourages and promotes inclusion, diversity, equity and access; recognizing, respecting and including differences in ability, age, creed, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, size, and socioeconomic characteristics in the nutrition and dietetics profession
  • Prepares an official ballot, annually or as otherwise specified in the Bylaws


  • Manages the election process
  • Develops, disseminates, reviews and updates campaign rules


  • Influences other parts of the organization in their leadership development activities
  • Informs a candidate of results, requests evaluation of the process and communicates other opportunities for leadership


  • Continues to establish the pool of candidates
  • Collaborates mutually on year-round basis with Academy organization units (DPGs/MIGs, ACEND, CDR, HOD, BOD) and Affiliates in encouraging member engagement in the election process and sharing leadership database information to develop leadership skills and create a pipeline of future leaders
  • Encourages the Board of Directors and organization units to use task forces, committees and work groups to create opportunities for leadership development and involvement in the Academy
  • Interacts with the IDEA Committee to further extend opportunities for diversifying nominations.


  • Evaluates and analyzes nominations and elections processes and makes recommendations for change to the Board of Directors

Supports Strategic Plan

  • The Academy and its members amplify the contribution of nutrition and dietetics practitioners and expand workforce capacity and capability